GameStop Corp. Class A (GME) Delivers Impressive Pre-Market Trading Performance, Stock Soars to $23.99

Today, GameStop Corp. Class A (GME) demonstrated a standout performance in pre-market trading, with the stock price hitting $23.99, marking an increase of $6.53 per share or a striking 37.40% gain. Trading volume was also significantly high, with 3.5 million shares changing hands, highlighting robust investor interest and momentum, likely spurred by recent developments within the company or shifts in broader market dynamics.

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In recent news, GameStop’s shares soared by 40% in Monday’s pre-market session. This spike is largely attributed to Keith Gill, the social media influencer known as “Roaring Kitty” on YouTube and “DeepF***ingValue” on Reddit. Gill’s return to (formerly Twitter), after a three-year hiatus, reinvigorated interest in the videogame retailer. His initial posts on Reddit’s Wallstreetbets, which detailed his profitable bets on GameStop, were pivotal in triggering the meme stock phenomenon in January 2021, propelling GameStop’s stock by 400% in one week before it plummeted to its previous levels.

On Sunday, Gill posted a meme depicting a man leaning forward in a chair, signaling serious intentions, stirring excitement among gamers and investors alike. This post marked his return to the social media scene, igniting conversations and trending topics on platforms like and, where both “Roaring Kitty” and the trading platform Robinhood were buzzing keywords.

Throughout May, GameStop’s stock has jumped over 57%, though it still lags behind the heights reached during the 2021 frenzy. The meme stock surge, fueled by Gill’s enthusiastic and strategic shares of his GameStop positions, also spread to other heavily shorted stocks like AMC. This movement rallied Reddit users to enact a short squeeze on hedge funds that had bet against these companies.

The upheaval led to a congressional hearing where Gill, along with several U.S. hedge fund managers, testified about the trading chaos. Meanwhile, AMC’s stock has plummeted more than 95% since its peak at the end of 2021, illustrating the volatile nature of meme stocks and the shifting sands of investor sentiment in the market.