Why Did The Oncorus (ONCR) Stock Rise By 8% In After-Hours Trading?

At the time of the last check, Oncorus Inc. (NASDAQ: ONCR) shares were up 8.01% to $0.3197 after-hours trading as the RNA pharmaceuticals business formed a partnership.

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Which partnership has ONCR joined?

The top South Korean pharmaceutical business Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Oncorus (ONCR) have formed a research partnership for the development of innovative lipid nanoparticle (LNP) formulations for mRNA therapeutic candidates.

In accordance with the conditions of the partnership, Oncorus and Daewoong will work together to find and assess formulations of Daewoong’s mRNAs included in ONCR’s exclusive LNPs. In Andover, Massachusetts, in its cutting-edge manufacturing facility, ONCR will create formulated drug candidates. Oncorus and Daewoong have agreed to start talks about a potential future licensing and supply agreement for the formed product, but only if both parties are happy with the formulations and specific study milestones mentioned in the research plan are met.

The partnership provides crucial validation for ONCR’s unique LNP platform, which is made up of brand-new ionizable amines and cleavable PEG lipids for intravenous and intramuscular delivery. The business will also be creating brand-new LNP formulations for Daewoong’s RNA-based initiatives. ONCR is in a unique position to collaborate with businesses like Daewoong that are developing innovative, RNA-based medicines that would profit from optimal LNP formulations thanks to its optimized LNPs and manufacturing capabilities.

By combining its unique LNP technology with internal process development, ONCR offers a strong solution to enable mRNA distribution. This combination gives the company the potential to produce an effective mRNA/LNP formulation on both a clinical and commercial scale. For a variety of nucleic acid cargos, Oncorus’ LNP platform makes use of unique ionizable and polyethylene glycol (PEG) lipids. It also has other desired physiochemical characteristics.

The platform is made to transfer nucleic acids, even huge cargoes of up to 14 kilobases, effectively. This delivery method can be used for vaccination applications and is designed to overcome many of the issues caused by anti-PEG antibodies interfering with the efficient IV administration of RNA and other nucleic acid-based medications.

How has ONCR distinguished itself?

Oncorus’ formulations have shown superior tolerability, an expanded therapeutic window, and consistent pharmacokinetics in comparison to authorized formulations in a number of preclinical scenarios involving repeated intravenous (IV) treatment. Similar studies using the LNP formulations from Oncorus have shown reduced immunogenicity in addition to other desirable qualities including adjustable pharmacokinetics with various compositions and stable pharmacokinetics with repeat doses.