What Motivated QUMU Stock To Climb 7% After-Hours?

In Wednesday’s after-hours trading, Qumu Corporation (NASDAQ: QUMU) shares increased 7.39% to $0.5476 after the company disclosed a new partnership.

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Which partnership has QUMU joined?

Hihaho, the top platform for producing interactive films, and Qumu Corporation (QUMU) announced that Qumu clients may now fully benefit from hihaho’s distinctive do-it-yourself capabilities for including interactive components to movies held on the Qumu Video Engagement Platform. The open application programming interfaces (APIs) of the Qumu Video Engagement Platform, which hihaho has used to enable the new interactive capabilities, make it possible for interactive components to be quickly included in on-demand films.

QUMU is aware that the ability for viewers to respond to embedded prompts or select their own routes through a video’s material significantly increases viewer engagement with on-demand video. The user-friendly features of Hihaho provide our customers with strong new tools to improve the effectiveness of their films for educating, convincing, converting potential consumers, and more.

It has become increasingly common to use on-demand video for tasks including employee onboarding, marketing, e-commerce, learning, compliance certification, and self-service help centers. In each of these cases, incorporating the right interactive components into a video may improve the user experience and achieve the desired communication goals, whether those elements are as straightforward as a table of contents or as complex as polls, quizzes, or branching scenarios.

Creating Interactive Assets from Linear Videos is Easy to Do Yourself:

True interactivity in on-demand video assets used to need expensive production or post-production costs as well as specialized technological knowledge. That idea has been challenged by Hihaho, which now makes changing a presentation as simple as adding interactive components to preexisting movies.

Customers may use hihaho’s tools by choosing a video from their Qumu database, adding the required interactive components, publishing the video to the channels they choose, and tracking and tracing viewer activity right from their browser. Users can also add additional layers to the same source video to tailor it to other languages or niche markets.

How will QUMU make use of the new partnership?

The interactive layer that the Hihaho platform has implemented gathers information and analytics to enhance video quality. This provides a complete picture of viewer engagements, together with QUMU’s cutting-edge statistics. Hihaho really keeps track of every click and second of every contact. Users may track and trace every viewer activity in detail thanks to interactions that are automatically generated by the layer and placed in. All in all, the latest release is another illustration of how QUMU collaborates with technology partners to increase the capabilities of the Qumu Video Engagement Platform for users.