Why Did Locafy (LCFY) Stock Gain Nearly 14% After-Hours?

Following the announcement of the date of the publication of its financial results, Locafy Limited (NASD: LCFY) increased 13.83% to $0.41 in after-hours trading hours on Thursday.

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When will LCFY release its financials?

After the market closes on Tuesday, November 8, 2022, Locafy (LCFY) will announce its financial results for the fiscal first quarter ending September 30, 2022. In addition to other corporate updates, Locafy’s press release will include its financial results, business forecast, and other information. The announcement will be accessible on LCFY’s website’s Investor Relations section.

LCFY introduced a tool for branding

LCFY just formally introduced Brand Boost, an e-commerce SEO marketing solution that improves brand visibility and stimulates online product sales for Locafy clients. Brand Boost is a search engine marketing solution for e-commerce that is powered by LCFY that develops nationwide SEO campaigns for companies and items. Brand Boost, Locafy’s first in-house e-commerce marketing solution, combines automated programming with LCFY’s strong backend infrastructure to increase customers’ online commerce revenue development.

With tailored e-commerce landing pages, Brand Boost targets certain consumers for each campaign. Through personalized information, such as product summaries and customer review videos, these sites assist in correctly showcasing items, increasing visitor conversion potential, and lowering customer acquisition expenses. Users may easily sell through their current e-commerce operations and see results within weeks because Brand Boost doesn’t require any internal developers for implementation or maintenance.

How has the recent acquisition helped LCFY excel?

Jimmy Kelley, the creator of Jimmy Kelley Digital (JKD), has successfully tested a prototype version of Brand Boost with clients in the United States and Australia for the past seven years. Clients frequently increased monthly product sales by 20% to 60% utilizing Brand Boost, according to the campaign results of several dozen well-known brands and items sold across several marketplaces.

The LCFY technology stack now includes the Brand Boost prototype technology, which Locafy just acquired when it bought JKD. Following the completion of the purchase and the transfer of JKD’s paying customer base to Locafy, the Company is now looking to broaden the reach of Brand Boost.

How is LCFY upending the market?

In an effort to broaden its clientele, Locafy (LCFY) has added Brand Boost to its technological portfolio. Its e-commerce-based partners generally respond favorably to effective search engine marketing techniques. The business is sure that Brand Boost will help to drive improved product sales on both well-known e-commerce platforms and branded web store sites on which LCFY clients’ items are offered. Locafy remained dedicated to giving its customers valuable software that enhances local search, and it was excited by the chance to keep extending its selection of e-commerce marketing capabilities in the months to come.