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Mainz Biomed B.V. (MYNZ) stock is down in premarket – What’s going on?

Mainz Biomed B.V. (MYNZ) has seen a decrease of 12.10% in the premarket today. However, the last trading session closed at $27.76 with an increase of 16.88%.

Formal Contract with DCN Dx – What’s Next?

MYNZ announced on 19th January 2022 that the company has signed a formal contract with DCN Dx. The team is looking forward to working with the DCN Dx team, particularly Emily Friedland, who has a wealth of experience developing and directing clinical trials for molecular genetic diagnostic tests in development. Moreover, if this study proves statistically significant, ColoAlert will be the most thorough and reliable CRC self-administered diagnostic test on the market, as its superior technology account will identify cancerous polyps with a reasonable level of accuracy and virtually prevent CRC by detecting lesions associated with undertaking this deadly disease.

Appointment of Michele Pedrocchi – Is it worth it?

MYNZ announced the appointment of Dr. Michele Pedrocchi to its Strategic Advisory Board on 12th January 2022. Dr. Pedrocchi’s previous responsibilities at Roche included serving as in-country and regional general manager and successfully expanding companies financially in developing and established countries. Moreover, he also played a key role in establishing polymerase chain reaction (PCR) as a regular diagnostics procedure and introducing patient selection through Companion Diagnostics (CDx). Last but not the least, Dr. Pedrocchi is now a Non-Executive Director and Independent Strategic Advisor to private and public healthcare organizations.

Views of Dr. Michele Pedrocchi – What does he say?

Dr. Michele is happy to join Mainz Biomed’s Strategic Advisory Board. With a forward-looking approach, the company is attempting to address a core problem in early diagnosis: by extracting clinically significant information from an integration of various biomarkers and giving access to a wider population via standardized laboratory kits, the company is going to have a major impact on patients all over the world. Lastly, the company is excited to collaborate with Guido and the rest of the team to make this a reality.

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