Aptorum Group Limited (APM) stock is increasing to 3.28% in premarket – Recent News to know!

Aptorum Group Limited (APM) has seen an increase of 3.28% in the premarket. However, the last trading session concluded at $1.22 with a decrease of 3.94%.

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First Patent Regarding Aptorum’s SACT-1 repurposed drug

On 18th January 2022, APM announced that the first patent has been granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office regarding the treatment of different malignancies. The SACT-1 invention describes a compound and technique for treating or preventing malignant tumors from growing and/or delaying the beginning of cancer from tumor-initiating cells. In addition, various modes of administration and dosage formulations are used to deliver the substance alone or in conjunction with one or more chemotherapeutic, biological, and/or anticancer agents.

What’s Next?

The company is thrilled to have received the granted patent on the therapeutic candidate from the USPTO, in addition to the prior news of the conclusion of Phase 1 clinical study of SACT-1 on January 10, 2022. The awarded patent will help the company to develop SACT-1 as a potentially successful treatment for neuroblastoma and other cancer types since IP protection is vital for preserving the investment in creating repurposed pharmaceuticals. Furthermore, the company will be aggressively seeking further IP protection for the SACT-1 repurposed medication through patent filings in major nations and the start of the exciting Phase lb/2a clinical trials for SACT-1 in 2022, assuming IND approval.

Clinical Validation – What’s up?

APM announced on 10th January 2022 that its subsidiary company has begun clinical testing of its molecular-based rapid pathogen diagnostics liquid biopsy technique for the identification of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. Moreover, Aptorum Innovations is delighted to inform that 12 patients with febrile neutropenia and sepsis have been recruited and over 53 samples have been collected and evaluated as part of the scheduled clinical validations in Singapore for RPIDD.

The company’s goal of developing a quick, accurate, and cost-effective liquid biopsy-based method for infectious disease diagnostics is further supported by its excellent sensitivity and specificity. RPIDD, we think, will change time-consuming first-line clinical diagnostics that fail to detect or identify disease-causing microorganisms. In addition, APM thinks that a quick molecular-based diagnostics approach to infectious illness will cut mortality and morbidity dramatically. Lastly, the company plans to start pre-commercialization activities for the RPIDD technology in 2022, including seeking clinical partners to help with its implementation.