E-Home Household Service Holdings Ltd. (EJH) stock soars during pre-market. Here’s what’s happening.

E-Home Household Service Holdings Ltd. (NASDAQ: EJH) stock gained by 5% at last close while the EJH stock price surged by 5.24% in the pre-market trading session. E-Home Household Service Holdings Limited is a Fuzhou-based household service provider. The company offers comprehensive household services through its website and WeChat platform.

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EJH stock’ Recent Update

Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Area E Home Service, an associate of E-Home Household Service Holdings Limited, said that it has signed an equity transfer deal to acquire 51 percent of the equity interests of Fuzhou Sijie Cleaning Service in cash. The purchase is a big step forward in E-expansion Home’s of its domestic cleaning business into the public places cleaning industry, and it will extend E-cleaning Home’s service capabilities and scopes.

Sijie Cleaning is a full-service cleaning company that offers a one-stop shop for high-end cleaning. Washing services, environmental testing, formaldehyde treatment, and interior and outdoor wall cleaning are the company’s core activities. Sijie Cleaning has provided crystal lamp cleaning, daily cleaning, and stone material maintenance to many prominent public venues, notably long-term cooperating partners, Fujian Hall, and the Provincial Party Committee Reception Center – Fuzhou Lakeside Hotel.

The Fuzhou Lakeside Hotel is Sijie Cleaning’s first big on-site cleaning venture since its start, and the partnership will last ten years. Sijie Cleaning also operates a one-stop high-end home cleaning training centre, which offers thorough and professional people training, as well as a high-end household cleaning flagship store, which offers leather maintenance, dry washing, curtain wash, and other facilities.

Tingchun Zeng, actual controller of Sijie Cleaning commented that,

With the huge backing of E-brand home’s recognition and investment, the company will speed up the growth of their one-stop high-end cleaning service industry and capture greater market share. All their companies share a common goal that they are client-focused and have a long-term, multifaceted growth strategy.

Wenshan Xie, Chairman and CEO of the Company, stated that,

They believe that bringing on Sijie Cleaning will allow them to fully integrate E-advantageous Home’s resources in nanny, maternity matron, housekeeping, and other domestic services personnel, allowing them to accomplish interoperability of household + public places cleaning, service personnel, and service capabilities to meet their clients’ ever-changing needs. This purchase furthers their expansion goal while also increasing overall market position.