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Here is why Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) should be your stock of choice

As the market share of products that Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) manufactures continues to grow, the AMD stock has the opportunity to accelerate its growth in 2021.

Recent Steam Hardware research data shows AMD has grown its processor market share by about 29%. The market share of AMD has exploded over the past three months. The following is a breakdown of Intel’s share as of December. Data from the customized Steam audience is only collected on a limited basis. There are 120 million gamers from different countries included in this number, so it is a sufficient sample to estimate how much demand there will be for the most popular gaming and high-performance processors.

Based on Steam data, it appears that Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is now taking a share from Intel, which climbed dramatically during December. A shortage of AMD chips most likely causes the temporary rebound in Intel shares in late 2020. Despite a 1.7% fall in profit in the fourth quarter, Intel’s prices dropped, and more processors were sold.

AMD processors are selling well at entry-level prices and top-end pricing. The Ryzen, 5000 series processors, have shipped to customers in the last two months of 2020. AMD is forecasting a 20 percent increase in the second quarter in producing components for this processor series. These processors outperform competitors in tests, and AMD’s price advantage could result in increased share.

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) shares closed Friday’s trading session down -0.71% at $82.76. A total of 32.76 million shares were traded, which is lower than the average daily volume of 41.19 million shares over the past 50 days. Over the last 12 months, AMD shares have gained 69.62%, and they have gained 2.06% in the past week. The stock has shed -4.53% for the past six months while it has lost -13.03 over the past three months. The AMD stock’s market capitalization is $101.24 billion, and its outstanding shares stand at 1.21 billion.

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