Insignia Systems, Inc. (ISIG) Stock Makes a Strong Move After Stake Disclosure in SEC Filing

ISIG unveils two massive sakes in the company in the SEC filing.

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Insignia Systems, Inc. (ISIG) kicked off the day aiming for the top place surging by almost 45%. The stock was trading higher in the premarket today but what actually is pushing the stock? Well, many of you are looking for some press releases or new updates, but you are going to find nothing at all except the SEC filing that was published yesterday. 

The recent SEC filing seems to be a reason why ISIG is bullish today as the filing surrounds the acquisition of beneficial ownership.

Shares of Insignia Systems are trading with a bullish momentum and has the second highest trading volume of 86 million, as we write this. For comparison, ISIG stock’s normal average trading for a day is closer to 476,000 shares.

The trading price of ISIG at 10:59 A.M was $1.36 soaring by 43.77% after the stock opened the market at $1.37. 

The reason why investors are happy trading ISIG is due to the SEC filing revealing two major stakes in the company from Cable Car Capital LLC and The Funicular Fund, LP. As per the report, these two firms have acquired a large stake in ISIG and the transactions have taken place recently.

The SEC filing revealed that Cable Car Capital acquired 610 thousand shares of Insignia’s stock, a 4.99% beneficial ownership. Whereas, The Funicular Fund has acquired 585 thousand shares of the company’s stock, a 4.79% beneficial ownership.

The reasons why the stock has seen a dramatic upwards movement today:

  • Follow the Money: The investors who are gurus are dropping a heavy amount of money based on their in-depth market analyses and have a better understanding of what actually is a good investment. This is what makes the retail investing community known for following big money. So, it seems that the big money investors are dropping big bucks on ISIG stock and it’s not that astonishing to see retail investors following the trend.
  • Tiny Float: Insignia Systems has a small public float capacity of just under 8 million shares. It is just like gathering masses and then letting them go off when the situation gets better. So, with this much capacity of shares in the market, the demand for shares increases with good news and the supply cannot keep up with that. This results in a stock with low capacity like ISIG skyrocket, and this seems to be happening with Insignia today.

The bottom line is that with no other big news Insignia Systems, Inc. (ISIG) is trading higher driven by SEC filing showing a massive stake in the company. However, there might be some news that the company might be holding back which might be acting as the catalyst for the run.